Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hazry Shah - 4 months

it been a wonderful 4 months and hazry dh membesar bagai johan.
some of his achievements are:

1) suka gelak & senyum. oh this boy of mine, sgt ramah.
2) suka bgn tgh2 mlm ajak mama dia teman dia bersembang.
3) still x menunjukkan tanda nk meniarap. berat bontot
4) x suka duduk dlm stroller. oh yg ni mak stresssss... so keluar dgn hazry memang kena limit masa.

these are some of hazry's pix:

on the way for lunch

late anniversary lunch dim sum buffet @ quality hotel, s.alam

with daddy. bib now wajib pakai coz melelh2 air liur.

dinner @chili's Citta Mall. he is sooo in a good mood. can duduk diam2 while we r having our dinner.

me & my heroes. love them to bits...

smiley baby.

diff looks & characters as well.

i love this pic. hardy is such a loving bro. he's explaining how to play game. yg si adik tu pun khusyukkkk la sgr. mcm le paham kan? LOL

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hardy Shah is 5!!!

OMG... what kind of mother am i? i totally forgot to jotdown how we celebrate hardy's 5th bday this yr in my blog.

ok here goes.....

his bday falls on Thursday (13 Oct 2011). So he requested Ultraman cupcakes to celebrate with his classmate. I ordered choc & orea cupcakes fo him.

comei kan? he so proud with this cuppies coz his friends ramai yg puji.

on 25th Oct 11 (Deepavali), Mimi & Sham came to visit Hazry. Lieya cannot make it coz dayyan sakit mata. So since they are coming, i prepared lunch + dessert + bday cakes (this one of course la order. hehehe) for hardy to celebrate with his BFF.

echa, emily, hardy & a'am

nampak x hazry dok zzzz kat dlm swing tu. hehehe.. he is so good on that day tidooo je.
suka pic ni. sgt candid!!
Toy Story cuppies. red velvet & choc.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hazry Shah - 3 months

he turns 3 months. baru 3 months ke anak? rs dh mcm setahun aku jaga dia. hahaha

ok, for 3 months baby, hazry sgt menunjukkan ciri2 mak dia yg ramah tamah & cakap banyak. suka benor sembang. dok ber gu gu ga ga dgn mama & daddy.
tapi abang hardy tetapppp pujaan hati dia. sengehhh je bila nampak si abang.

these are some of hazry's pix.

sukaaaa bila abang agah dia

they look diff kan?

apsal gelap adik? salahkan sizzling yee mee yg mama dok mkn hari2 time preggykan awak yer. LOL

@ ayam penyet pyramid.

muka sentiasa terkejut tgk camera.

oh pehaaaaa.... mcm drumstick.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hazry Shah - 2 months

Alhamdulillah... Hazry dh start tido mlm. Yet he still a cranky baby time siang.

At 2 months old on 31 oct 11, his weight is 6kg. Berkat susu mama kan? ;)

These r some pics fr fb. Hehehe sian hazry, anak no 2 ni, mama dia malas nk snap pic.

Btw, i start working on 31 oct. So hv to leave hazry at bbsitter's house. *sob *sob

He can smileeeee

@ clinic for 2 months jab

He can wear 6 months size romper.

On aidiladha. Boria with abang.

My life saver. This for home use. Spectra for office use.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hazry's 1st trip to shopping mall

Note - it is almost 1am now. I am typing while calming hazry on lap. 2 in 1 tasks right? ;)

Ok, last saturday altho i'm still in my confinement; (38 days to be precise) i am so craving for ikea's curry puff.

So of we go on saturday morning.
At the same time, we want to let hazry to get use to car seat & stroller.

He was sleeping the entire journey. So it is a smooth day out.

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Location:The curve

Monday, October 10, 2011

Brotherly love

My heart melt to see both of them.
Hardy really like to hug hazry but hazry is a cranky baby & refused to be hug.
No matter what, i still love them to bits.... :)

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Friday, October 7, 2011

My daily routine

Today is my 36 confinement days.

I guess some of u already know that during my confinement for hardy, i had a sleepless night. He only started to sleep at night time when he was 47 days old.

So, when we have hazry, i already prepare for the same scenario. But alhamdulillah hazry turned out to be a night sleeper ( errrr day also). But he still will wake up 2-3 times to be feed or diaper changing.

He only will wake up around 8am++. and restless because he wants to bath. He loves water and normally will not cry.

But..... He really hate when i put on a romper to him. He will cry out loud mcm kena pukul. Then, i will comfort him by bfeed him till he fall asleep. That would be around 10am++. then it time for me to bathe, pump my ebm for stock, put the clothes in the washing machine, prepare lunch whilst taking my bfast.

All need to be done fast coz anytime hazry will awake and huwaaaaa....

11.45am- hardy will back fr skool and i hv to instruct him to change, etc etc.

12 noon - i will hv lunch with hardy. Normally during this time, hazry will bangun due to the loudness of his brother's voice. Hmmmm

12.30pm - all of us will move to our cozy room. Normally this time hazry will mengamuk for his diaper change and lapar.

It depends on hazry's mood, if he is ok, it is easy to put him back to sleep. If not, i need to dodoi him till him asleep sometime till 3-4 pm.
Hardy on the other hand will completed his homework & ask for milk and he will straightaway zzzzz...
Thank God hardy is big enuf to taking care of himself.

Then, i will take hazry to living room and put him in the swing. While i'll prepare the dinner.

Shahnun will reaching home around 6pm++.

Had dinner at 7pm, then i need to clean hazry and change to his pyjama.

Then, shahnun will look after hazry while, im bz cleaning the kitchen, lipat baju, etc, etc.

This is hazry sleeping on my lap.

This is us....hardy snap this.

And this is where he will be when im bz @ the kitchen.

This is the routines for the past 3 weeks since am back to my home. Seriously i really miss to go out to shopping malls, eat all the yummy foods, etc.

But... Does hazry like to sit in the stroller? We tried last weekend. We went to giant for groceries shopping. He refused to be in the stroller and end up shahnun carried him in one hand and another hand handling the stroller.

This time ok coz he's sleeping.

So, last resort i tried carrier. Thank God hazry is ok in it. Will try using it in our next outing.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

hazry - 1 month old

hiya ladies,
these are some of hazry's piccas.

today, we went to see paed for hazry's 1 month jab. siannn nangis kejap kena cucuk kat peha keras tu.

@ 1 month, hazry are:

1) dh tido malam, tapi selalu by 3am++ dia will bgn & meragam. rsnya coz kembung. will tido balik after azan subuh. & lepas daddy & abg hardy pi kerja & skool, hazry pun will meragam nk mandi. lepas mandi dia will tido sampai ke petang. bgn nk menyusu je.
2) bila dia poo poo je, terus menangis dgn high pitching. time tukar diaper, dia will diammmm je. hmmm sgt pembersih le anak!!
3) time mandi, bila aku ckp, "ok hazry, shhhh..shhhh..shhhhh". terus dia will pee dgn sendiri. everyday without miss. :)
4) x suka tido dlm bilik aircond. ohhh mak stress.. tidakkah ko tahu mak ko ni minah econ???
5) suara pitching sgt le tinggi time dia nangis. ni kompem time preggy aku dok menjerit byk. menjerit kat hardy & opis... heheheh
6) dh pandai senyum. tapi sgt le jarang leh tgk.
7) berat dah 4.6kg

terkapai2 tgk benda alah gantung tu. oh btw, rompers tu size 3-6 months.

hazry's 1st outing. last weekend. open house umah makngah ina kat k.damansara. baju & jeans tu makngah bl size newborn. dh muat.... :) oh, dia suka buat mulut muncung camtu.

my double chin baby. sgt suka if kita letak kat peha camni. hazry x suka baring, kalu baring, kena tinggikan skit badan, baru dia diam.

latest pic. tido ptg. tetap nk tido terperosok kat kaki/peha aku. sebijik mcm hardy dulu.

last but not least, stock aku for 1 week lepas balik s.alam. alhamdulillah, this time aku dpt bfeed hazry.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

the arrival of HAZRY SHAH

sorry for the long silence ladies...
ok continue how hazry was born.

it all happened on 31st Aug 11. after subuh, i cannot sleep. pusing kiri kanan on my bed. last2 aku pi dapur and help my mama & sisters prepare leftover raya foods for bfast. so, me, my sisters and mama had a great bfast. soto and mee kari. :)
the 1st thing that came out from my sister's mouth was "bila hg nk bersalin nihhhh? dh raya dah pun. dh puas mkn dah".
chill..chill sista. so another sister menyampuk "aku rs ptg ni kot". yeah righttttt..... tgh mkn tu pun aku x rs apa2 diff.

so after had our bfast + gossiping (ehhh jumpa adik beradik haruslah ada sesi gossip).. aku bgn nk masuk bilik nk ambil towel. shahnun & hardy still zzzzz....

so, bila aku bgn, i can feel a gush coming fr my ****.  feels like period. so stun kejap & terus pi toilet nk check.
dalam hati dh terpikir "eh waterbag burst ke?" . hahahha... coz x pernah tau camna rs if waterbag burst naturally kan?

after that, dok berjalan2 dlm umah kemas2, there's more gush aku rs. ok.. that's it!! confirmed.. the waterbag burst. errr not exactly burst la.. more to leaking kot. terus ckp kat my mama. & mama terus rendam akar siti fatimah.
i went to the bedroom & ckp kat shahnun. terus dia yg kelam kabut. hehehe... ok.since aku x rs sakit apa, i took my own sweet time, mandi, etc etc. & siap.

so before keluar dh pesan kat my sisters soh mandikan hardy, etc, etc. btw, hardy still zzzz...
siap bwk bekal air akar siti fatimah.

10am - aku & shahnun dh bertolak pi Kedah Medical Centre (KMC). sib baik hospital beg memang dh dlm bonet. sian shahnun dia x sempat pun bfast. sampai KMC, bila aku ckp waterbag aku dh burst. terus derang sorong masuk labor room. kat luar labor room ada a few reporters dok tunggu nk tgk sapa yg dpt baby merdeka. tapi reporter newspaper cina ok!! oh x glamer..x glamer...
according to nurse, so far aku org no 2 for that day. eh x kisah la... yg penting aku nk bersalin cepat.

11.00am - tukar baju, nurse check opening dh 3.5cm. so nurse cucuk ubat bg pi toilet. uihhh kosong je perut. yer la.. dh semlm dok mkn segala ketupat rendang kannn? then doctor sampai & pecahkan waterbag. time tu siap update status FB, snap2 pic lagi nihhh....

in labor room. dok berfb & dh prepare kertas doa for permudahkan bersalin.
12pm - nurse dh start induced. guna drip. time ni x rs apa langsung. shahnun pi register & pi tunggu dlm bilik dulu coz kami ingat sure lambat lagi. coz opening baru 3.5cm kan?

1pm - contraction dh start rs, tapi still boleh tahan. dh start sakit pinggang. so aku ubah position from baring terlentang to mengiring ke kiri. sgt ajaib ok.... terus hilang contraction tu. mula2 aku takut gak. apsal terus x rs sakit ni? so aku dok monitor mesin sebelah tu. satu tunjuk contraction, satu heatbeat baby. contraction sampai dh reach 100. aku rs sakit cam main2 je. ok, pelajaran no 1. to sapa2 nk bersalin nanti sila le mengiring ok, serius will kurangkan sakit. pastu jgn baring flat, angkat sikit badan.

1.30pm - contraction dh makin kuat. aku dok bersms dgn shahnun, bgtau dia, aku maybe nk amik painkiller yg jab kat bontot tu. time hardy aku amik tu, ok la, boleh la kurang kan sakit. tapi mengantuk gila... sampai hardy keluar pun menguap2. soh shahnun bwk turun kain batik (bilik aku level 4. labor room level 1). coz br terpikir "eh nanti lepas bersalin x kan aku nk naik bilik pakai seluar kot?". kat KMC, baju dlm labor room tu kena tukar b4 masuk bilik.
doc masuk check, opening baru 4cm. i was like "what??? 4cm?? awat lambatnyaaaaa??"

2.15pm - shahnun dh masuk dlm labor room. aku dh x tahan sakit. bernyawa pun rs x lepas. terus soh shahnun panggil nurse, aku nk jab painkiller. nurse tu bersopan santun sungguh... dok pi mai pi mai... check opening, dh 6cm.

2.30pm - while waiting for nurse nk mai jab painkiller, aku dh terketaq tahan sakit. i dunno whether aku menangis ke x. tapi yg aku tau aku merintih sedeh.. nk ckp pun x larat. pegang tgn shahnun ni rs mcm nk lekang. yg shahnun pun dok bc le segala surah/ayat apa2 hope dpt le membantu. then suddenly aku dpt rs baby dh push nk keluar. terus aku ckp kat shahnun "yang, apsal i rs nk push ni???" terus shahnun panggil nurse. nurse siap kata "tahan..tahan.. jgn push. tarik nafas".
ehhh camna nk tahan?? aku x push pun, aku leh rs baby yg push diri dia sendiri nk kelauq. so terketaq2 aku tahan x push. contraction makin kerap. doctor x sampai2 lagi nihhh.. so mak terus hangin (uihhh tgh sakit2 tolong le jgn lembab boleh???). sound nurse tu "doc ni mana??? saya dh rs nk push sgt ni!!!"
doc sampai, terus prepare apa yg patut & entah bila aku x perasan shahnun keluar coz nk pakai mask pulak. semua serius cam kelam kabut.
then doc terus kata, "ok, bila rs nk push, wati tarik nafas & push sekuat hati yer". (WATI??? oh pleaseeeeee)
then 1st contraction, aku push! doc kata dh nampak kepala. time tu shahnun masuk. terus mai berdiri sebelah aku.
2nd contraction, PUSH!! terus keluar kepala. serius aku terkejut. aku rs aku x de la push gila2 mcm time hardy dulu.
3rd contraction, PUSH!! keluar bahu & badan.

settle!!! semua tu at 2.55pm. Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan aku bersalin this time.
shahnun pun terkejut & kata cepat gila. & yg x bestnya coz semua sgt le kelam kabut, shahnun terlupa nk amik camera dlm hbag aku nk snap 1st pic hazry masa mula2 keluar. darn!!

so this is 1st pic lepas nurse bersihkan baby.

hazry sejuk. tu yg pucat tu.

1st attempt to bfeed. he is very good. cepat je dh pandai.

hazry @ nursery. kat sini baby x buleh bwk masuk bilik dgn mak yer.

abg hardy mai tido sama kat sana.

the next day after lunch, kami pun siap2 ni discharge. we got that hamper coz hazry lahir on merdeka day :)

OMG... muka aku x semenggah.

safely arrived in jitra.

my boys. mcm x percaya i am a mother for these 2 boys. :)