Thursday, January 21, 2010

u know that ur kid has grown up when.......

.... we can leave him @ ikea smaland by himself.
he's so ramah (like his mama of course) and easy to get a new friends.. that's my boy... :)

at 1st kami duduk monitor gak kot2 dia bergaduh ke apa ke dgn kids yg lain.. tapi kami tgk dia enjoy gila 'swimming' dlm pool of balls tu. then, after 1 hour, bila sampai time kami nk amik dia.... penat le mamat ikea tu cr hardy.. rupa2nya dia elok je dok lepak ramai2 dgn kids yg lain sambil tgk citer movie MULAN....
so, i hv a good excuse to go to ikea right?? *wink

mula2 masuk dia main kat tangga ni je. letih aku dok ketuk cermin soh dia pi area ball tu...

then, baru dia prasan area ni... terus lompat masuk. LOL

acara wajib before we can continue jln2...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

rezeki hardy...

another rezeki for hardy.
why?? because of him yg still guna diaper, so kami kena beli stock diaper for him, since last yr, we changed from huggies dry to huggies dry comfort.
altho the price for dry comfort is mahai skit, but bila kami tambah, tolak, darab, bahagi, dry comfort lagi tahan byk kali basahan compare to huggies dry which kami kena tukar 2x bila time tido mlm.

we went to tesco SA. then rupanya there a promotion for huggies dry comfort. Every purchase for 1 big pack huggies dry comfort, we entitle to get 2 lucky draw. and the price for 1 pack huggies dry comfort (54 pieces) is only rm30.48. so we took 2 packs. we entitle for 4 lucky draws. so, aku cabut 2, and hardy cabut 2.

for lucky draw yg aku cabut; we got:
4 pcs of huggies ultra. so total kami dpt 8 pcs la.

yg hardy cabut:
1 huggies food container and 1 carton of huggies dry comfort.
we actually excited for the 1 carton prize tu.
according to the salesperson, 1 carton is 8 packs of 18 pcs huggies dry comfort. total = 144 pcs!!! we are so happy...
hardy said he wants to bwk bekal roti to skool using this container. bagusss...

fyi, the prizes are:
1) Fisher Price learning table x1 (cost around rm200++)
2) Fisher Price walker x1 (cost rm100++)
3) 1 carton of huggies dry comfort x5
4) huggies food container x20
5) 4's huggies ultra x30
6) consolation prize: 2's huggies pull up pant x150.

meaning we got 3rd, 4th and 5th prizes.. yeay!!
but the promo ends today.. too bad. and today, when we went there to collect our prizes, nobody wins 1st and 2nd prizes yet.
Just us win the 3rd prize and the 1 carton huggies dry comfort will be courier to my office in mid Feb 10.

moral of the story, next time, just let ur kids do the lucky draw thing, if u know that u r not that lucky.... ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

so long 2009, ello 2010...

although dh 6 days kita in 2010, hari ni br ada mood nk mengimbau kembali thing happened in 2009. ;)

at the beginning, 2009 was not a good yr for our career wise (me & hubby). since he's working in US factory line, and i'm working with US company gak. pastu US economy pulak down, so it really affect our income. so, we need to squeeze our expenses, etc.
Thank God atleast my company give 1 month bonus for MY staffs. but no increment in april like we used to get.

But starting June 09, since my company won the project (which im handling right now), i got promoted as head of IT Msia and my responsibility also double. I need to incharge for some other projects as well. Alhamdulillah...

With all the struggling from June-Nov; with staffs that in and out. with all the migraine pills that i had to take, I managed to go thru it. another Alhamdulillah...

Dec 09 we got news that Canadian company bought over CMW. but they said it's for good. whatever la, like i care. janji gaji, benefits x kacau.
so on 07 Dec 09, Carlson Marketing officially become one of a company under Groupe Aeroplan.

siap buat benda alah ni, kasi to all staff letak atas meja.

chocolate pun... BEFORE

after that, I think all of u know, I got some $$$ as a token for my 5th yrs in carlson and i won the best dress as well . *wink *wink.. another $$$ for that.

end of Dec 09, carlson give bonus to all staffs but base on the performance. max is 1 month.
Alhamdulillah i got 1 month bonus. just to let u know, US company is not practising giving bonus to their staffs. so to get bonus fr my company is like a major ALHAMDULLAH. :)

so for 2010,
I think it would be my jln2 year.
despite the family vacation that i plan since last yr and another shopping vacation;
i heard that my CEO plan to send me & my colleugue to Istanbul for system training. *woot..*woot.
hopefully jadi le kan? just wait & see. :)

so my target for this yr, is to jln puas2 before i start pregnant by end of the year...
wahhh planning nihhh..... heheheh
or maybe get my new dream car? hahahha berangan! kumpul duit pun blom...

to add on, hubby got a new job & he will start by next week + he's still running his small business for side income. Thats a good news for us in 2010.
Hope 2010 will bring a lots of joy in our life. InsyaAllah....

Hirda Ibrahim

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

saya seorang yang...

.... x kan senang duduk or concentrate buat kerja if x dpt what i wish for (ni for benda2 yg mampu dimiliki je...)
so, yesterday i went to s.pyramid to look for
and pompuan yg meneman saya ialah....

ta daaaa... aku siap berID tag lagi.. LOL

sampai sengkak perut melantak nasi ayam penyet ria & tea time @ krispy kreme...

reason nk beli backpack?? saja... lagipun saya tgh gila kaler merah + rega dia yg murah (aku x beli ori golla ok). ni kalau adik aku tgk ni, mau makan hatiiii... coz she bought ori golla bag like this...

for rm200. hehehehe.. pity u cu mimi.