Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hazry Shah - 4 months

it been a wonderful 4 months and hazry dh membesar bagai johan.
some of his achievements are:

1) suka gelak & senyum. oh this boy of mine, sgt ramah.
2) suka bgn tgh2 mlm ajak mama dia teman dia bersembang.
3) still x menunjukkan tanda nk meniarap. berat bontot
4) x suka duduk dlm stroller. oh yg ni mak stresssss... so keluar dgn hazry memang kena limit masa.

these are some of hazry's pix:

on the way for lunch

late anniversary lunch dim sum buffet @ quality hotel, s.alam

with daddy. bib now wajib pakai coz melelh2 air liur.

dinner @chili's Citta Mall. he is sooo in a good mood. can duduk diam2 while we r having our dinner.

me & my heroes. love them to bits...

smiley baby.

diff looks & characters as well.

i love this pic. hardy is such a loving bro. he's explaining how to play game. yg si adik tu pun khusyukkkk la sgr. mcm le paham kan? LOL

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hardy Shah is 5!!!

OMG... what kind of mother am i? i totally forgot to jotdown how we celebrate hardy's 5th bday this yr in my blog.

ok here goes.....

his bday falls on Thursday (13 Oct 2011). So he requested Ultraman cupcakes to celebrate with his classmate. I ordered choc & orea cupcakes fo him.

comei kan? he so proud with this cuppies coz his friends ramai yg puji.

on 25th Oct 11 (Deepavali), Mimi & Sham came to visit Hazry. Lieya cannot make it coz dayyan sakit mata. So since they are coming, i prepared lunch + dessert + bday cakes (this one of course la order. hehehe) for hardy to celebrate with his BFF.

echa, emily, hardy & a'am

nampak x hazry dok zzzz kat dlm swing tu. hehehe.. he is so good on that day tidooo je.
suka pic ni. sgt candid!!
Toy Story cuppies. red velvet & choc.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hazry Shah - 3 months

he turns 3 months. baru 3 months ke anak? rs dh mcm setahun aku jaga dia. hahaha

ok, for 3 months baby, hazry sgt menunjukkan ciri2 mak dia yg ramah tamah & cakap banyak. suka benor sembang. dok ber gu gu ga ga dgn mama & daddy.
tapi abang hardy tetapppp pujaan hati dia. sengehhh je bila nampak si abang.

these are some of hazry's pix.

sukaaaa bila abang agah dia

they look diff kan?

apsal gelap adik? salahkan sizzling yee mee yg mama dok mkn hari2 time preggykan awak yer. LOL

@ ayam penyet pyramid.

muka sentiasa terkejut tgk camera.

oh pehaaaaa.... mcm drumstick.