Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland!!!

Dear Maybank,
There are 4 major reasons why you should give me tickets to Legoland.

I was brought up in a family that fanatic to Lego. when my other girlfriends went crazy with dolls, makeup, etc. I on the other hand prefer Lego. My dad said, I was like a "boy". I love to imagine & built things using Lego. It took hours and once I succeed, I proudly showed it to my mom & dad.
hehehe. Tak macho la main doll daddyyyyyy...
So, to go to Legoland is like to go back to my childhood. :)

see? all girls. no wonder i don't like to play "girly" toys. :)
maybe because surrounded with girly stuffs in my home.

i have a husband who dunno what Legoland is all about. It's a "SIN" for not knowing that, okey!! *shaking head.
He thought Legoland only have structures build with Lego. That's all!! No! No! No! Wrong information my dear...
It is a theme park!! So, it also have rides in there.

sightseeing only??

So i want to show him the truth about "Legoland", force him to ride the roller coaster and other rides in Legoland. (LOL).

he surely will hate me for this!! hahahaha

other rides

Oh, at the same time, this December 9th is our 7th wedding anniversary. Don't you think it can be a wonderful anniversary gift to us?? *wink
plus... we don't have any plan for this coming school holiday.

I have a son who is currently keep asking me to download Lego apps/games in the ipad. So far he has 3 Lego apps/games downloaded and never get bored playing it. He has a set of mini Lego bricks as well, but I don't allow him to play since his little brother is too small & affraid he might swallow it. Wait for a couple of years ok boy?

I know he will be thrill if we can bring him to Legoland!! Because all this while he only plays Lego via ipad. Now... he can really plays the real Lego and ride it as well. Arghhhhhhhh... (ok.. mommy is over excited!! )

I think this is the MAIN reason....

Because i cannot afford to go to the Legoland in Windsor, UK. ;P.

Since i was a kid, I've been dreaming to go to 3 theme parks in the world!!. Disneyland, Universal Studio & Legoland.
After i got married and have 1 kid, then i had the opportunity to go to 2 of the theme parks. I'm so blessed!!

Reason is, because those 2 theme parks are in Asia.
Now I only have 1 theme park left in my wishlist, that's LEGOLAND!! I never dreamt that it will be built in my own country. happy.. happy... happy.... *big wide smile

So, there you go.... 4 reasons why I think I deserve to get the Legoland tickets from Maybank... :)

ps: if you want to join this contest, you can refer to the details HERE.

Hirda Ibrahim


lieyalatif said...

nice entry beb...ko patut dapat...kalo boleh vote mmg aku vote 100% gitu heheeheh...

aku suke pic first tu....ko kemain lagi pose ala2 pengantin tau hahaahahahaha

ellynadyra said...

amboi, alasan ko, kemain ek! hehehehehe aku org johor pun lom sampai lagi legoland nih.....

onniesham said...

wahhh suker sgt entry jo ni.. best!!

aku doakan ko menang contest ni k

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