Monday, February 21, 2011

stroller story....

i'm not an expert in stroller, but i hv experience with it. :)
last weekend i spent my time browsing through the websites and checking on the strollers.

note - stroller is my life saver. so to get one for the new baby is a MUST!!

my 1st choice of course mothercare. not because of the brand (errr tipulah.. brand pun yer. LOL) but since i'm a bit 'cerdik' compare to 1st pregnancy, there are few criterias that i need in the new stroller.

1) lightweight
2) umbrella stroller
3) can support atleast 15kg
4) value for money
5) sturdiness

during hardy's time, i bought anakku stroller when i was 4 months pregnant. reason? coz anakku tgh buat sale & i cannot resist the red & blue color stroller. excuse me ladies. back then, i was working at sapura's office and the nearest shopping mall is the mines.
so we only have anakku there.
then, we have hardy and our weekend transport was my lovely kancil.
then i realize, the stroller cannot fit in my kancil boot. (because it is not an umbrella stroller. lipat also still lebar). darn!!

hardy in the "makan space' anakku stroller.

so our weekend outing would be, hardy in his carseat next to the driver, while me, at the back seat next to the stroller. :( sgt x best!!

i think before hardy 6 months old i went to mothercare and bought this.

jive stroller. pic courtesy fr

on the day we bought the stroller.

at 1st shahnun said it is a waste since the anakku stroller is still in good condition. but i think later he also admit that it is a good purchase since we need light, sturdy stroller for travel.

up to today, the stroller is still in good condition. except for the wheels yg mcm gelong2 skit. yer la, you think berapa berat hardy now?? & x kira dh brapa kali kena campak naik/turun from flight.

this jive stroller is value for money and survived in few family vacations. we've been using the stroller since hardy 5 months old up to now ( 5 years old). wow that really good kan?

one of the weekend outing. i think ni kat s.pyramid. (oh comeinya betis ituuuuu.... ketot & tembam je)

@ zoo negara

one of our Bandung trip.

HK trip.

Spore trip

but jive only can recline 45 degree je. it meant for 6 months old baby. so i need to get something diff but same quality as jive.

then, i found this:

Aulto stroller. from birth up to 15kg.

it comes with hood, lightweight & umbrella fold.

i've read many good reviews on Aulto stroller.
one of it from HERE

hope mothercare still hv stock in mothercare london. coz in london, the price is almost 50% less than here.
so to my dear sista, i want to kirim this cannnnnn?? :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

@ 3 months. (1st trimester)

alhamdulillah, this saturday i'll completed my 1st trimester.

sepanjang 1st trimester ni, something diff yg aku rs compared to my 1st pregnancy are
1) rs loya2 (altho x de la sampai muntah2). so hari2 aku telan apple hijau/merah.
2) tiap2 minggu taste/mengidam bertukar2. ie: ada 1 week tu gila mkn mee kari. then, ada 1 week tu, ketam. for this week, ikan terubuk.
3) more sensitive.
4) my patience sgt le kurang. pantang salah skit. aku terus sound direct. my colleugues & staffs notice this.

we went to my 1st check-up on Saturday to check if there's baby heartbeat, etc, etc.
Alhamdulillah, doc letak je kat perut, terus nampak this lil H/S bouncing in my womb. sgt active. the best part, i think dia tgh hiccups. cute sgt nampak 'benda' bulat terpusing2, sambil non-stop hiccups. :)

"+" sign on the right tu kepala baby. why aku rs cam montel je budak ni? he he he

hardy volunteer to snap this. pandangan depan. (pls excuse, muka br bgn tido itu)

pandangan tepi. takut wei tgk perut sendiri. baru 3 bulan tu.

as a pompuan yg x reti2 bersabar..... i started to shop brg2 baby skit2.
still remember there's an entry in 2008? My 2nd baby wishlist . Brg2 dlm tu still relevant tu. so i'm using that as my reference.

Fisher Price take along swing. portable & senang nk bwk balik kg.

bought SNIGLAR changing table couple of weeks ago. last saturday bl pulak the changing pad tu.

i started to korek balik baju2 newborn hardy & i only managed to get these. so after basuh balik, i keep it in this bekas ikea (x ingat apa nama dia). this time semua brg aku bl kaler merah. coz if girl, Alhamdulillah. if boy, pun ok. merah tu kan universal color.

byk rompers je. nampak x red hippo tu? i cannot resist fr not to buy it. comel. time hardy dulu, toys ikea dia byk mr blue elephant. for 2nd baby, i opted for red hippo pulak.
this bekas will be place kat bwh changing table tu.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

spore - day 3 (FINALE)

ok ok...
last entry for Spore. punya la lambat aku nk habiskan...

day 3, semua bgn lambat. coz semlm lepas balik fr USS, kawan2 sekolah menengah kami dtg amik & bwk kami pi supper. sampai 1am.

pagi ni, my sis & kawan2 dia decided nk pi merlion & marina sands bay. kami??? he he he... orchard road lagi!! x dak mood nk pi area merlion. coz x pi lg paragon.

dlm cab on the way to orchard rd.

kami terus pi Paragon. aku memang aim nk dtg sini coz mothercare dia besar. & ada playground for kids kat sini. nampak x mothercare belakang tu? time ni aku dok bz shopping dlm mc.
MC tgh sale (selected items). bottle ni ada 70% less. so i got RM20 for 3 bottles! RM20 yer. bukan SGD20. oh mak sukaaaaa......

ok, dah dah... mama dh lapaq.

depan paragon.

jom pi balik lucky plaza.

time ni around 11.30am. lengang ayam penyet ria tu. hardy buat mcm kedai sendiri.

coz ayam dia portion sgt le besar. so kami amik satu je ayam + bakso. fyi, kat sini ayam penyet dia comes with nasi kosong. kat mesia je kena bl asing2.

dlm bakso tu ada bihun. budak ni je yg habiskan.

bye-bye orchard rd. ada rezeki kami sampai shopping perfume lg ke? ha ha ha.. penting tu, shopping perfume je!!

adegan dlm cab. sanggup ni, terperosok kat tempat kaki, coz nk concentrate main gameboy.

balik hotel, pack brg & check out. ni hotel yg kami stay.

hardy since dlm cab dh zzzz...

nampak itu muka2 excited nk pi claim GST???

tgk signboard. nk pi area GST refund.

muka happy coz dpt GST refund SGD8 coz bl brg SGD150. so moral of the story, next time korang pi spore & nk shopping perfume, check dulu kedai tu ada x GST refund. kalu ada bagusss... so imagine la, aku dh spend dekat SGD500 for perfume kat kedai yg x dak GST refund. kalu x puluh2 dollar gak aku leh dpt balik. x pe.. xpe.. next time.

kat changi airport byk free internet.

aku suka kat sini coz byk pokok orchids. abaikan muka anak aku yg baru bgn tido tu.

flight kami pkl 4 lebih. so sempat le habiskan saki baki SGD, mkn kat Delifrance. sini pun halal. dun worry. hardy amik plain croissant je.

mak yong harus lah over. seafood croissant sandwich. my all time fave.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

spore - day 2 (part 4)

apsal le malasss nk update entry spore nih??
ok, ok... continue with our experience in USS.

around 6pm kami dh start pi tawaf kedai2 nk shopping souvenirs. ni kedai kat far far away.

in that store ada magic potion ride. comels je. x dak org. kami sgt happy!!

view from the ride.

then, kami masuk Donkey Live. for me show ni best lg compare to Stitch encounter kat HK DL.

comel kan??

then, we headed to new york street.

while shahnun bz dok shopping, aku kuar jap nk bl popcorn ni.

SMALL size dia SGD8. tapi banyakkk. i bought cheese + caramel crisp popcorn. actually lepas bl, nk masuk balik USS, budak tu kata x leh bwk masuk. sib baik le aku bwk beg CK carry all tu kan? so aku sumbat masuk dlm tu. btw, kat USS, derang x check bag kita. muhahahaha.

had our early dinner kat mel's drive-in. sedap burger dia. it's halal.

hollywood street time mlm.

by 9pm, kami dh pi duduk kat tangga facing tasik tu. fireworks start at 9.30pm.

kami facing ni.

tepat 9.30pm, fireworks show pun start.

dah le dekat. byk sgt & kuat gila meletup2 dia tu. x sesuai if bwk baby.

by 10 pm, kami gerak balik. tunggu cab je. cost us around SGD14 je. taxi dia sgt le byk. so dun worry.

So, that's all my experience in USS.

my personal opinion/experience:
~ USS ni kecil je & x byk ride lg.
~ semua ride memang for kids yg 5 yrs old & above je. baby is NO NO.
~ some of the staff, (SOME yer not ALL, but aku selalu kena dgn yg SOME tu la) sgt le x de friendly & quite rude. sgt dissapointed with that.
~ byk halal restaurant in USS.
~ for those yg plan nk pi USS and DL. my suggestion, pi la USS dulu. so that your expectation is not that high. In my case, since i went to HK DL dulu, so my expectation for USS mcm HK DL la, tapi seriously USS does not meet my expectation. But not that yg USS ni x best. Best... but not to my expectation. :)