Monday, January 6, 2020

Hong Kong Disneyland - Budget & Itinerary

kita skip kejap entry umrah for this post.
Kami baru balik from 2019 family trip - Hong Kong Disneyland.
Sure korang will kata.... HK lagi? Well, knowing Hirda Ibrahim kan, hidup dia mana boleh x pi DL. kikiki.
Actually harris yg dok sebut2 nak dtg HKDL. Sian dia x pernah sampai + dia dh cerdik kenal semua chars Disney.

Kami decide pun few months je before pi. Sebab now kan HK tgh sibuk dgn protestornya. Aku siap follow forum dlm Tripadvisor. from comment2 orang. HK actually OK. the Protestor tu tak kacau pun tourist.
pastu area DL lagilah takde riot langsung. Dah la kami memang nk pi DL je pun and from apps HKDL, memang tak ramai pun org masuk DL. wait time semua 5 mins. isk isk. So semangat nak pi lagi membuak2 la.

So mak book je la tix flight & hotel. This time kami booked Disney Explorers Lodge pulak.
Sebab dia hotel baru and byk facilities for family. the boys pun excited bila tgk youtube dia ni...
Sekali dgn kak2 & adik aku pun nak join sekali. Wahhh meriah2. Semua decide seminggu before pi. Sebab excited tgk wait-time kat HKDL semua 5 mins je. Bila lagi nak merasa kan? 

Masa kami nak pi duit Malaysia RM53.30 = 100HKD
seperti biasa, aku sure will sediakan budget & itinerary....

Ok here goes:
HKDL Budget (Travel date: 08-11 Dec 19):

1) Insurance (ETICA Insurance) - RM97 - for 5 of us
2) Uber XL from HKIA- Disney Explorers Lodge. - (RM200) - return
4) Disney Explorers Lodge Hotel ( 4 days + 3 nights). Aku booked from Expedia. Time tu ada Maybank promo - RM2330
5) Sim Card x2. Kami bl siap2 from Msia from this website - RM64
6) HKDL  2 days ticket (3 adults + 1 child). Beli from website HKDL (RM1480)
7) Bfast with the Chars @ Enchanted Garden Restaurant (2 adults + 1 child) - (RM550)

So, total we spent for our trip Tak termasuk flight ticket and pocket money : +- RM5000

HKDL Itinerary:
Day 1 - Check In/drop luggage. Jalan2 kat Disney Hollywood Hotel coz nak mengimbau kenangan lalu  and terus pi citygate. Nak bawa harris naik Train Disney.
Day 2 - Disneyland
Day 3 - Disneyland
Day 4 - Bfast with the chars + check out + balik

tgk la dulu some of pix2 kami kat sana ya.

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