Friday, October 7, 2011

My daily routine

Today is my 36 confinement days.

I guess some of u already know that during my confinement for hardy, i had a sleepless night. He only started to sleep at night time when he was 47 days old.

So, when we have hazry, i already prepare for the same scenario. But alhamdulillah hazry turned out to be a night sleeper ( errrr day also). But he still will wake up 2-3 times to be feed or diaper changing.

He only will wake up around 8am++. and restless because he wants to bath. He loves water and normally will not cry.

But..... He really hate when i put on a romper to him. He will cry out loud mcm kena pukul. Then, i will comfort him by bfeed him till he fall asleep. That would be around 10am++. then it time for me to bathe, pump my ebm for stock, put the clothes in the washing machine, prepare lunch whilst taking my bfast.

All need to be done fast coz anytime hazry will awake and huwaaaaa....

11.45am- hardy will back fr skool and i hv to instruct him to change, etc etc.

12 noon - i will hv lunch with hardy. Normally during this time, hazry will bangun due to the loudness of his brother's voice. Hmmmm

12.30pm - all of us will move to our cozy room. Normally this time hazry will mengamuk for his diaper change and lapar.

It depends on hazry's mood, if he is ok, it is easy to put him back to sleep. If not, i need to dodoi him till him asleep sometime till 3-4 pm.
Hardy on the other hand will completed his homework & ask for milk and he will straightaway zzzzz...
Thank God hardy is big enuf to taking care of himself.

Then, i will take hazry to living room and put him in the swing. While i'll prepare the dinner.

Shahnun will reaching home around 6pm++.

Had dinner at 7pm, then i need to clean hazry and change to his pyjama.

Then, shahnun will look after hazry while, im bz cleaning the kitchen, lipat baju, etc, etc.

This is hazry sleeping on my lap.

This is us....hardy snap this.

And this is where he will be when im bz @ the kitchen.

This is the routines for the past 3 weeks since am back to my home. Seriously i really miss to go out to shopping malls, eat all the yummy foods, etc.

But... Does hazry like to sit in the stroller? We tried last weekend. We went to giant for groceries shopping. He refused to be in the stroller and end up shahnun carried him in one hand and another hand handling the stroller.

This time ok coz he's sleeping.

So, last resort i tried carrier. Thank God hazry is ok in it. Will try using it in our next outing.

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onniesham said...

hebat ko poms, dlm pantang pon leh masak, kemas umah segala. kalo aku lintang pukang dah. mau kain batik pon trlondeh..hehe. ko tau la echa dlu cemana kan. aku x tau bila time la dia tido ntah. smpai now dia jenis x kuat tido.