Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hazry Shah - 5 months

weight : 7.9kg

phewww no wonder la, lenguh je tgn if dukung hazry lama2.

so far x byk changes compare to 4 months. tapi new skill is sembur2 air liuq. time suap porridge, habis semua kena sembur.
tapi tido mlm still on off, byk OFF from ON la. this mama dh 5 bulan mlm x pernah tido cukup. time hardy after 47 days, dh buleh tido mlm dgn aman. sgt le beza this 2 beradik.
ok, below are some of hazry's pix.

happy boy tiap2 hari mama amik fr bbsitter.

bought him baby banz. & he's ok with it.

@ bagan lalang.

loves to tag along abang. especially time naik ride camni.

eyeing for ipad. tunggu besar sikit. confirmed berebut!!

lovely abang is reading bedtime story for adik. adik pun khusyukkkk je mcm paham.

us @ chili's, Empire.

refused to look at camera. tgk food lg sedap. this boy of mine sgt suka makannnn.

@ 4.5 months old, he can hold the bottle already.

tido in buai pun ON OFF jugak. no idea apa nk try lagi.

last but not least. pic taken the day we went to get his 5 months jab. hello handsome!! :)

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wanie said...

makin comel hensem hazry ni...rajin hardy melayan adik ye