Saturday, October 23, 2010

team lunch @ tgif, menara hap seng

we've been waiting for this tgif to open. finally i think end of Sept baru dia buka. rasanya dh lama x de team lunch kan? so last friday since everyone look so stress with the work, workload, client, etc. so i think it's the right time to cool the team down.
it's friday guys. friday suppose to be the happiest day kan?
so where else we can go to hv a great team lunch??? TGI FRIDAY's it is!!! :)

the lapaq guys...

cik puan hirda's all time fave lemonade

appetizer - chicken nachos. yummeh.

cik puan hirda's Cedar Seared Salmon Pasta (bykkan mkn ikan yer now. *wink )

zai's bbq beef sandwich

afiq's NY chimichurri strip.

izam's Chicken with Peppers and Mushrooms

ken's miami key west shrimp

our mini dessert. 1 each. (budget team lunch katanya. ha ha ha)

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Sham Ummi Echa said...

dapnyer ko.. ishh cam lama plak x mkn kt tgif ni