Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hardy Shah is 5!!!

OMG... what kind of mother am i? i totally forgot to jotdown how we celebrate hardy's 5th bday this yr in my blog.

ok here goes.....

his bday falls on Thursday (13 Oct 2011). So he requested Ultraman cupcakes to celebrate with his classmate. I ordered choc & orea cupcakes fo him.

comei kan? he so proud with this cuppies coz his friends ramai yg puji.

on 25th Oct 11 (Deepavali), Mimi & Sham came to visit Hazry. Lieya cannot make it coz dayyan sakit mata. So since they are coming, i prepared lunch + dessert + bday cakes (this one of course la order. hehehe) for hardy to celebrate with his BFF.

echa, emily, hardy & a'am

nampak x hazry dok zzzz kat dlm swing tu. hehehe.. he is so good on that day tidooo je.
suka pic ni. sgt candid!!
Toy Story cuppies. red velvet & choc.


onniesham said...

eh comeinya cupcakes otomen tu. syok la hardy, 2 kali dpt cupcakes besday dgn 2 theme yg brlainan.

Anonymous said...

Cute la cupcakes tu..Happy Belated Birthday Hardy