Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hazry Shah - 4 months

it been a wonderful 4 months and hazry dh membesar bagai johan.
some of his achievements are:

1) suka gelak & senyum. oh this boy of mine, sgt ramah.
2) suka bgn tgh2 mlm ajak mama dia teman dia bersembang.
3) still x menunjukkan tanda nk meniarap. berat bontot
4) x suka duduk dlm stroller. oh yg ni mak stresssss... so keluar dgn hazry memang kena limit masa.

these are some of hazry's pix:

on the way for lunch

late anniversary lunch dim sum buffet @ quality hotel, s.alam

with daddy. bib now wajib pakai coz melelh2 air liur.

dinner @chili's Citta Mall. he is sooo in a good mood. can duduk diam2 while we r having our dinner.

me & my heroes. love them to bits...

smiley baby.

diff looks & characters as well.

i love this pic. hardy is such a loving bro. he's explaining how to play game. yg si adik tu pun khusyukkkk la sgr. mcm le paham kan? LOL

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