Thursday, January 5, 2012

goodbye 2011.. hello 2012!!

Happy new year all....
yup  know today already 5th January, but hope it is not too late to wish you ladies out there "Have a Prosperous 2012"!!

how about your 2012 resolution?
as for me, i hope 2012 will bring more rezeki to our family. dun get me wrong, i do comfortable with what i have now, but dreaming to have more $$$$ is not salah right? ;) so, must doa & usaha for that.

alhamdulliah 2011 is a great year for us.

we went to family holiday in spore in Jan 2011 and i was 2 months preggy.

and MAJOR achievement is to conceive and get my 2nd baby is fulfilled. altho i wish for a  girl, but i'm so thankful to get this cheeky lovely, bubbly lil boy, HAZRY SHAH on 31 Aug 2011.
i never plan to give birth on that special date but alhamdullillah, it really went smoothly. i had an easy normal delivery process.

on his 4th months bday

so my 2012 resolution is to work hard, earn more.

it really touch my heart when i hear hardy keeps telling his brother "adik, cepat besar ok, nanti kita nk pergi disneyland lagi".
he requested for another HK disneyland family vacation after he knew that Toy Story ride already open last Nov 11.

InsyaAllah hardy, one fine day. we will go there again k? but surely not this yr, this yr we just cuti2 malaysia coz you adik is too small la. :)


Aleyn said...

Happy New Year....wah bestnyer gi Disneyland HK

♥♥♥ سواي @ ماما ايمان شاهيراه ♥♥♥ said...

eeee makin cute plak hazry ni...hehe selamat thn baru buat ko & klorga

Mimi said...

Happy New Year to u too!
HKDL repeat is a must kan esp after that new area is open...

re: tak jadi dok situ, pasai kami nak amik satu bilik dok 4 orang..