Friday, October 27, 2017

Perth - Budget & itinerary 2017

Hi Ladies,
sorry for the long silence. Hope it is not too late to update my blog for our latest holiday in 2017, that is to Perth.

Why Perth?? Reason is since harris is still a baby, we need to choose a place where baby friendly and holiday yg santai2.
at the same time to utilize my staff ticket yg will expired by aug 2017.
time aku pi tu currency kita tgh jatuh. AUD1 = RM3.50

Ok here goes:
Perth Budget (Travel date: 23-27 March 17):

1) Insurance (AXA Insurance) - RM98 - for 5 of us
2) Return airport uber - RM160
3) Airport transfer from PER- hotel - $50 ( RM175) - return
4) Holiday Inn Perth ( 4 days + 3 nights). aku booked from - RM1500
5) Sim Card X2 - $20 (RM70)
6) Tour to Freemantle - $50 (RM175)
7) Tour Caversham & area2 dekat sana - $250 (RM875)
8) Uber - $20 (RM70)
9) Caversham ticket - $81 (2 adults + 2 kids) (RM283)

So, total we spent for our trip tak termasuk flight ticket and pocket money : RM3396

Perth Itinerary:
Day 1: Blue boat house, Fremantle, Kings Park, Elizabeth Quay.
Day 2: Caversham, Mondo Nougat, Margaret's river Choc Co, Grapes farm, Swan valley
Day 3: Watertown Brand Outlet, Kings Park, explore Perth city via foot.
Day 4: jalan2 cari makan. Corica apple struddle, San Churros, jalan2 explore perth naik CAT bus.

aku bg teaser pix2 kami kat sana dulu na... entry2 perth insyaAllah akan disiapkan b4 my next trip next month.

Hirda Ibrahim


FadMN said...

i pun dok pikiaq tempat mana nak p bwk baby.takut long flight kot dia meragam..between perth/ tgk u update perth,macam best pulak perth hehe

Hirda Ibrahim said...

Perth ok lg kot. Santai2 ja. Yg sure jgn bw time summer la. Jenuh cranky baby. Ngan mak2 sekali cranky.

Hirda Ibrahim said...
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Indrianishvi said...

The topic you discussed and shared this time was very interesting and very useful for me and my family. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about holidays.

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