Thursday, March 3, 2011

busy bee....

been bz lately with office workload... it's like never ending story. I think that is why Allah SWT bless me with this pregnancy so that i can hv 2 months break from the chaos office life. (but the break would be in aug ok!!)

there are too many things on my plate now. am i capable to handle this responsibity?
i think i can, being an independent woman i used to challenge myself for some new adventure. but never been bz + pregnant at the same time. hope my baby will be strong as his/her mama as well. InsyaAllah.

our company will move from bangunan mas to UOA building this 23 april. now, another extra job to make sure we have a smooth sailing movement.
and there are 2 projects dateline. 15 april and 01 May. hmmm... hope everything will be OK.

april used to be my fave month coz i was born in april :)
but for this yr, it would be my challenging month and of course everyone is waiting for april for the appraisal.
not sure how much the salary increment, but everyone will get theirs. alhamdulillah. :)

despite the busyness.... i'm still able to do online shopping for baby's stuff. ha ha ha.. that's what we call multitasking.

some of items that i shop online:
~ nursing bras
~ bottles for EBM
~ EBM storage bags
~ breast pad/ nipple shield/ nipple cream
~ nursing pillow
~ swaddle
~ bath support
~ blanket
~ MAM's teats. so baby can accept both bfeeding + bottle feeding (learn fr hardy's experience ok!!!)

so now only left:
~ milkmaid tea
~ breastpump
~ sterilizer/warmer
~ nona roguy
~ tungku moden
~ sling
~ stroller

last but not least,
baby's clothes + mittens + socks (try to avoid booties. x comel. ;) ). will only start after we know gender of the baby.

ps: anything else that i miss? plan to fully bfeed my 2nd baby. InsyaAllah. :)


onniesham said...

bz betul ko skang pompuan. asik kuar masuk meeting je. xpe la tu sumer keje tanda rezki kita dpt tiap2 bulan2 kan.

syok nyer shopping brg2 baby yg comel itu. owh i'm really miss the feeling.

˙·٠•●♥ Cik Puan Mimi ♥●•٠·˙ said...

kesian gak kat ko kan. dah la nak pindah bulan 4 ni, mesti perut pun dah beso, sure tak larat nanti.. tak pe la plan2 ok..

barang2 tu semua aku rasa dah hampir lengkap, tinggal sikit2 jer lagi. tak pe masih banyak lagi masa nak beli.. haah aku rasa booties mmg tak berapa comel la.. baik beli socks ajer kan.

Mimi said...

kesian kt hang..masa tgh2 preggy lak kena move office lain...takpa..pastu bole rehat 2months...heaven...

re: bagi aku, sedap lagi kt harrods dr yg whisk tu..

Zana_MamaBatrice said...

takpe strong k...aku tahu ko ok punya..
nie namanya rezeki...rezeki baby jugak insya allah tu...

sekarang dah mudah kan..
tak payah nak usung perut pergi shopping mall cari keperluan baby
semuanya di hujung jari saja..

mana yang kurang tu...sempat lagi ko top up before deliver tu nanti...