Monday, February 21, 2011

stroller story....

i'm not an expert in stroller, but i hv experience with it. :)
last weekend i spent my time browsing through the websites and checking on the strollers.

note - stroller is my life saver. so to get one for the new baby is a MUST!!

my 1st choice of course mothercare. not because of the brand (errr tipulah.. brand pun yer. LOL) but since i'm a bit 'cerdik' compare to 1st pregnancy, there are few criterias that i need in the new stroller.

1) lightweight
2) umbrella stroller
3) can support atleast 15kg
4) value for money
5) sturdiness

during hardy's time, i bought anakku stroller when i was 4 months pregnant. reason? coz anakku tgh buat sale & i cannot resist the red & blue color stroller. excuse me ladies. back then, i was working at sapura's office and the nearest shopping mall is the mines.
so we only have anakku there.
then, we have hardy and our weekend transport was my lovely kancil.
then i realize, the stroller cannot fit in my kancil boot. (because it is not an umbrella stroller. lipat also still lebar). darn!!

hardy in the "makan space' anakku stroller.

so our weekend outing would be, hardy in his carseat next to the driver, while me, at the back seat next to the stroller. :( sgt x best!!

i think before hardy 6 months old i went to mothercare and bought this.

jive stroller. pic courtesy fr

on the day we bought the stroller.

at 1st shahnun said it is a waste since the anakku stroller is still in good condition. but i think later he also admit that it is a good purchase since we need light, sturdy stroller for travel.

up to today, the stroller is still in good condition. except for the wheels yg mcm gelong2 skit. yer la, you think berapa berat hardy now?? & x kira dh brapa kali kena campak naik/turun from flight.

this jive stroller is value for money and survived in few family vacations. we've been using the stroller since hardy 5 months old up to now ( 5 years old). wow that really good kan?

one of the weekend outing. i think ni kat s.pyramid. (oh comeinya betis ituuuuu.... ketot & tembam je)

@ zoo negara

one of our Bandung trip.

HK trip.

Spore trip

but jive only can recline 45 degree je. it meant for 6 months old baby. so i need to get something diff but same quality as jive.

then, i found this:

Aulto stroller. from birth up to 15kg.

it comes with hood, lightweight & umbrella fold.

i've read many good reviews on Aulto stroller.
one of it from HERE

hope mothercare still hv stock in mothercare london. coz in london, the price is almost 50% less than here.
so to my dear sista, i want to kirim this cannnnnn?? :)


☆ lieya latif ☆ said...

erm aku suke poms entry ko ni nie...aku tgh riki2 gak stroller nie...almaklumlaa mak ni pun kaki jalan....mmg kepentingan gak nie.....ikutkan stroller mia mija yg 2 ketol tu elok lagi....tapi kaler lak pink...ala2 tak sesuai gitu kan huhuhu....tgk laa, bajet lebih aku belilaa baru hihihi

Mimi said...

I luurveee strollers very much and crazy about it..:D seriously...
My personal point of view, it is very important to have a good stroller as babies in my family tend to be on the bigger-topui-bambam kalo stroller yg x berapa tahan lasak adalah agak merugikan kalo dibeli...
najeeb's first stroller adalah utk comfort and the 2nd one is for durability sbb senang nk angkut travelling...

aulto looks cool sbb bole recline for usage since birth, nice...senang bb nak tidoq...

onniesham said...

mmg x rugi kalo ko bli stroller mahai pon poms, sbb fully utilize. smpai now pon dia nk dok kt stroller. mmg sng la ko brjalan.

eh suker la la Aulto stroller tu. cantik. kaler merah lg. wahhhh ye ke kt london 50% lg murah fr here. kirim jgn x kirimmmmm.

Aleyn said...

Stroller is much more cheaper in London?...hmmm..that's new..

Ps : cam biasa, I dah klik u nyer Nuff, jom klik2 kay

˙·٠•●♥ Cik Puan Mimi ♥●•٠·˙ said...

mmg betul, nak beli stoller kena cari yang betul2 dan tahan lama. baru la berbaloi2. cam aku dah 6-7 biji stroller dah, tp semua aku bg kat anak2 sedara aku. kiranya tak la membazir jugak kan.

next time kalau ada rezeki aku pun nak cari yang macm ko tunjuk ni.. macam menarik jer.. nak kirim kat kakak ko la kat london. eh tetiba plak. hahahaha