Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New in ibrahim's clan..

Halu ladies....
Miss me??? Sorry ya.. Been busy lately with family occasion.
Now is 1.30am. 18th dec 12. I am updating this blog @my parent's in jitra.

Cuti balik kg sgt lah heaven. Will go back to kl today's evening. Hmmmm..
Ok.... It's time to introduce u... Our new family member. My big bro in law.
Our big sista now no more 'cik'. She's 'puan' now. All of us are so happy for her. Finally she meets her mr. Right!!

Took us only 3 months to prepare for this wedding. As usual being the so-called bossy kiasu person. I am the one who is busy looking for the card, goodies, etc. So... I am proudly to say here. The wedding card, goodies box, signage, label. All booked by me. Hahaha booked only la.
But mineral water label is 100% fr me. Many of the guest took the mineral water home.

On the nikah and my 2nd sista busy preparing that small corner with tangling silver beads and butterflies. It is our idea, the pengantin just need to obey je la kan.
We also went to wedding boutique and booked the backdrop for the makan beradab.
Everything on the nikah day itself.
Very last minute oneeeee....

Alhamdulillah... Nikah was held at nighttime and we... Sisters and bro in laws are busy to make sure that everything went smoothly.

The saddest part was when our dad cannot tahan his sadness when he lafaz the akad. It really touched our hearts and all of us burst in tears. *sobs

On the wedding day. Which is the next day. Our theme color is chocolate!! So cute looking at the boys wearing baju melayu.
We... Sisters + hubbies busy welcoming and entertain the guests. Till i forgot to eat. Same goes to shahnun. But... Hey... We r fine!!

It was indeed a smooth wedding ceremony for our big sista. Altho there's hiccups here and there.. But we manage to overcome it before the event starts.

Cant wait for my lil sis's turn pulak. But only God knows when le kan??? She still single btw.... ;-)


lieyalatif said...

bertambah lagi new member dlm family...alhamdulillah...moga rumahtanggan yg dibina kekal bahagia...

aku suke pic boys baju kain sekayu tu....

Jasfyra said...

cantik sgt color chocolate kan..kitorang pun pakai warna tu masa wedding adik

selamat pengantin baru tok kakak ko hirda..semoga kekal bahagia sampai akhir hayat

elly nadyra said...

tahniah new family member in the house, siyes, wedding card tu aku suka .... cute la weiiiiiiiii.......3 bulan, memang singkat utk prepare, perghhhh leh bayangkan......semoga mempelai kekal bahagia sampai ke syurga!

onniesham said...

selamat pengantin baru to kak ko. berseri2 pengantin baru. syukurrr.. akhirnya selesai sudah. pasni turn cu mimi plak. the last one sure grand nnti.