Thursday, September 26, 2013

Off to "Ong Kong Yi Yennnn"

Halu Ladies....
we r off to our short break to HK. To be precise.... to HK Disneyland!!! (ong kong yi yen hazry panggil) Hoyeahhhhh (ya ya... mak derang paling over).

will be back this Saturday night. It's only a 3 days 2 nights trip for hazry's post-bday and hardy's pre-bday presents.

I pray hard the weather is OK, the crowd tak ramai and paling pentingggggg.... the boys can behave!!

have a great weekend ladies, coz we know we will... Ngeeee....

Hirda + Shahnun + Hardy Shah + Hazry Shah


mama leen said...

aaa... bestnya... cepat2 cerita

elly nadyra said...

untung anak2, hadiah bday kebabom!