Monday, November 26, 2012

hazry's day out...

Good Morning semuaaaa...
miss me?? ya ya.. i know my mommy now busy update cerita lain kan? no more my cerita. *sobs.
so, today let me enterframe my mommy's entry pulak yer.

since mommy, daddy & abang selalu keluar & left me @home with bibik; (reason: coz i'm still small.) so, when mommy decided to bring me along to shopping mall, i was soooo excited.

after both of us dh ready. mommy took us to playground 1st. this is my 2nd experience in playground and it's at 2.45pm! yup.. u should know my mommy, she is one freak lady. she hates to go to places where there's lots of people. that's why she rather stay at home during weekend.

my expression time naik buai.

that's me & my abang.
my mommy loves to boria us.

that's me trying to naik slide.

oh tak thrill la ride tu abang.

oh.. we are on the way to Setia City Mall

now abang dah kena downgrade duduk belakang.
eh why are you smiling mommy?

yo yo!!

my mouth is full with chicken.

hahaha.. i laughed at abang's joke.

ok.. boringgggg....

abang, why u only got the chance to drive??

it's my turn now.

ok.. i'm done. 
let see what's inside here.

i think this shop is just right for me. run!!

@ display window

peek-a-boo with mommy.

let's go & watch the scenery.
eh.. where is me?

oh.. that's me!! 
my mommy said i am so bossy!

i have a great time gossiping with abang.  

ok mommy, we promised! 
last ride b4 we go home.

so, there you go aunties, my day out's pictures.
i sleep soundly on the way home.
I heard daddy told mommy that i behave now, so chances for them to take me out again is high! yeay!!

till then... tata...

Hazry Shah / Dobot / Adik

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